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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Search on many indexes at once
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 04:02:40 GMT

: It looks like I don't have access to the searcher.subSearcher or subDoc,
: since I get just a Hits object. Is it possible to know the Index folder
: based on a hit?

As i understand it (like i said: i've never used these methods) the doc id
returned by is what you pass to subSearcher to find out which
index it came from.

: I'm on a SearchResults component that takes a Hits object as parameter
: and the search is actually performed by other component.

It sounds like the API you are working with abstracts away the
MultiSearcher so you don't have access to it once you get the Hits object.
I think that makes it just about impossible to get the info you want.

I guess you either need to add a "doctype" field to all of the indexes, or
deduce the doctype based on what fields are in each doc, or change the API
you are using to give you access to the info you need.


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