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From "Paulo Silveira" <>
Subject Re: restart interrupted index
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 03:04:00 GMT

I really would like only this extra files, but I have the same problem here.

If I interrupt my IndexWriter with a kill signal, must of the time I
will be left with a lock file AND corrupted index files (the searcher
will throw some IllegalStateExceptions after the lock file is


On 3/16/06, Chris Hostetter <> wrote:
> : I'm relatively new to Lucene and I've been trying to index a large
> : number of html files.  If my operation is interrupted the index
> : appears to be corrupted.  I can no longer open it for searching with
> : IndexSearcher (and no amount of toying with Luke's options seems to
> : help if I try to browse the index by that route).  I would like to be
> : able to restart an interrupted process.  Should I be able to do this?
> :
> what exactly isthe exception you are getting?
> more then likely, there is a lock file left over from your last process,
> if you manually remove it, new process can open your index, but there is
> no way to know exactly what docs might not have been successfully added
> ... there may also be unused files cluttering up the directory, but they
> won't hurt anything (they just take up space)
> -Hoss
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Paulo E. A. Silveira
Caelum Ensino e Soluções em Java

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