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From "Nick Atkins" <>
Subject How to write to and read from the same index
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 02:32:18 GMT
I'm using Lucene running on Tomcat to index a large amount of email data
and as the indexer runs through the mailbox creating, merging and
deleting documents it does lots of searches at the same time to see if
the document exists.  Actually all my modification operations are done
"in batch" every x seconds or so.

This seems to cause me lots of problems.  It believe it is not possible
to keep a single Searcher open while the index is being modified so the
only way is to detect the index changes, close the old one and create a
new one.  However, doing this causes the number of file handles to grow
beyond the max allowed by the system.  I have tried using Luc's
DelayCloseIndexSearcher with his Factory example but as my index is
modified frequently this causes lots of new DelayCloseIndexSearcher
objects.  The way it calls close on them when there are no more usages
doesn't seem to keep the number of file handles down, they just grow.  I
would expect close to release file handles to the system when nothing is
using the object (I even set it explicitly to null) but this does not

If this problem makes sense, has anyone else faced it, and does anyone
have a solution?



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