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From Eugene <>
Subject Re: Help interpreting explanation
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 11:55:46 GMT

Since i'm using a boolean OR query i figured it must be related to the 
BooleanScorer (though there's a more complicated BooleanScorer2 which 
I'm not sure when it's use).

Looking at the BooleanScorer code it's probably a little over my head as 
I'm still a beginner to Lucene.

But, I would appreciate if someone could point me to the method where 
the searcher iterates over all query terms and outputs the score. I grep 
  both the Searcher classes and the BooleanScorer classes but can't find it.

Also, I would like to know whether will the sloppyFreq "kick in" if I'm 
just using a Boolean OR query or is this only for phrase queries? And 
how do I disable this so that it'll always be 1.0 without overwriting 
the method?

Thanks for all the help so far.

Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : cosine similarity and need some help.  Can anyone tell me in which file
> : are the methods of the DefaultSimilarity methods called?
> Most of the Similarity methods are called by the various Scorers.   A good
> IDE will tell you where they are called (or you could just grep the
> source, that's what I do)
> : For example, looking at the tf method i see that it takes in a float for
> : freq instead of int. So i'm curious to see how this method is invoked.
> I commented on this recently (and no one contested my explanation)...
> -Hoss
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