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From "Andrew Schetinin" <>
Subject RE: Alternate Use of Lucene
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 07:46:52 GMT
Hi James,

>From one side, it is easy - you simply enumerate all the found objects,
and for each object retrieve the field Supervisor, sorting and removing
duplicates on the fly.
>From the other side, this way you'll get linear performance, and even
worse - retrieving fields is not a very fast operation.
But there is no other way to do it in Lucene, AFAIK. Lucene was not
designed for such usage.

Best Regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: James Cook [] 
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 8:39 PM
Subject: Alternate Use of Lucene

Is there a technique, using Lucene, to retrieve the remaining index
values from the results of a query?

Here is a better explanation of the question.

I have various fields that have been indexed on a particular collection
of Java POJO's. For example, an Employee object may have the following
fields: id, salary, hire date, termination date, department, supervisor,

I want to issue a query such as "department: 15". This restricts my list
of Employee objects to those with a department value of 15. What may be
a little different at this stage is I don't care about the resulting
Employee list. What I really want is access to the Lucene index values
for the 'supervisor' field. Basically, I want a list of those
supervisors for the resulting filtered list of Employees.

Does lucene provide an API to access these values?

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