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From "Ramana Jelda" <>
Subject PhraseQuery with synonyms or having n tokens at the same tokenposition.
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 09:17:58 GMT
PhraseQuery is not working as I wanted,when indexed with synonyms.

I have indexed name: "sony dsc-d cybershot" as following tokens provided
token positions.
1: [sony:0->4]

2: [dsc:5->10]

3: [dscd:5->10] 

4: [d:5->10] 

5: [cybershot:11->20] 

So "dsc-d" is tokenized into 3 tokens "dsc", "dscd" and "d" at the same
token location. Indexing part is ok. But the problem is with searching.

PhraseQuery "dsc cybershot" is not returning any results. Because "dsc" &
"cybershot" are not 0-spanned(But my imagination is they are). I could
increase the span at search time. But it is not fitting well into our
needs.It is also hard to decide the maximus span in our case and also
returned results are different, which I don't want.

Thanks in advance,


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