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From "Samuru Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Filter Field.Keyword possible?
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 13:11:23 GMT
> Also heed the other recommendations in LIA and don't necessarily use
> Filters when BooleanQuery clauses will suffice.  There is overhead
> involved in the Filter mechanism in terms of executing multiple
> queries to build all the filters you're proposing.

I'm aware of the fact that using multiple filters will result in
performance problems. One point is that QueryFilters can be reused to
benefit from its caching.

BooleanQueries seem to do no caching except when using
CachingWrappingFilter. But I don't think that will help me in my
project as I won't create similar Filters that often. I will see how
it performs with 3gb indexed docs ;-)

> There is a ChainedFilter available in the contrib/miscellaneous area
> (previously called the "sandbox", as in LIA) that can be used to
> combine multiple Filters in sophisticated ways.  Maybe this is what
> you're after?  It is covered in LIA.

ChainedFilter is interesting, but I noticed that I can *add* more than
one Term to BooleanQueries and combine them with BooleanClause.Occur.
That would be sufficient for the moment...

Regarding ChainedFilter ... I can't find any API on the web!

Thanks a lot!


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