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From "Samuru Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Filter Field.Keyword possible?
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 11:10:56 GMT
Hi again!

>         2) Use a QueryFilter with that same TermQuery, and apply that Filter
> to your search method.

Thanks for the hint - I just bought "Lucene in Action" and now I'm
more into it :-)

But at this point I'm facing some Filter problems again.

As proposed in LiA the easiest way would be to use the QueryFilter for
my problem. I just create a Term for "type" in my last example and
thats all.

**But** what if I want to create a whole set of filters?

For example I add documents to my index like the way above:

Document document = new Document();
document.add(Field.Keyword("id", id));
document.add(Field.Keyword("type", type));
document.add(Field.Text("content", content));

Now I want to search through only the documents with the ids 1, 12,
33, 44, 55, 87 and 123 plus "type" must be filtered to something too
to make it much more complicated.

Can anyone give me a hint again ;-)



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