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From "Fabio Insaccanebbia" <>
Subject Re: webserverless search with lucene on offline HTML doc
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:42:27 GMT
Wouldn't this be a good case for the JarDirectory implementation
somebody asked for?
The index could then be statically written in a jar file downloaded
with the applet (the original mail refers to static offline HTML

It could even be a great idea for improving the Maven site-plugin :-)
[I mean: when you create the Maven generated site a Lucene based
plugin could index it, create the jar index and then add the "applet"
to the Maven pages]

On 2/20/06, Trieschnigg, R.B. (Dolf) <> wrote:
> Hi Paulo,
> The main problem is that Lucene needs to store its index on a disk which under normal
circumstances an applet may not read. The applet operates in a sandbox, which only allows
"safe" operations. Reading and writing to disk is not allowed. An applet can only get resources
from the host it came from.
> As Lucene does not allow an IndexReader to be created for a URL, I guess it's not possible
in a normal applet environment. Or you should dive into the IndexReader code an write your
own IndexReader for remote indices.
> What you can also do is sign your applet; if a user accepts your applet as safe you can
run it as any other Java application (download the index from a webserver to a temporary location
and query it for example).
> But I am usually quite sceptic with accepting signed applets from unkown distributors;
as it is like leaving your door open for complete strangers ("of course you may delete all
my files on disk").
> Are you going to put your applet on a website, or do you want to distribute it on e.g.
a cd? If I would buy some software from you on a cd, I would more likely accept a signed applet
than if I would visit some obscure homepage.
> Regards,
> Dolf
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: paolo berto []
> > Sent: maandag 20 februari 2006 11:44
> > To:
> > Subject: webserverless search with lucene on offline HTML doc
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I would like to figure out if it is possible to write a java
> > applet able to search with lucene through an HTML
> > documentation WITHOUT having a webserver installed on the
> > system and on multiple platforms.
> >
> > So I have a set of static offline HTML files forming a
> > software documentation, would like to index it and search
> > through it from a browser without having to install a web
> > server and on various platforms (osx/win32/linux) Is that
> > possible at all?
> >
> > Thanks and sorry for the basic question,
> >
> > paolo
> >
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