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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Hacking proximity search: looking for feedback
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:34:26 GMT

: Geo definition:
: Boxing around a center point.  It's not critical to do a radius search with
: a given circle.  A boxed approach allows for taller or wider frames of
: reference, which are applicable for our use.

if you are just loking to confine your results to a box then i think
RangeFiltering on both the X and Y axis will be more efficient then the
individual term queries you are producing.

It will have the added bonus of not artificially affecting the scores of
hte documents based on how often a particular digit apears in a particular
position of hte latitue accross your corpus.

Once you've filtered down to a particular bounding box, you might consider
going back to the function query approach to score documents inside that
box based on their actual distance from the center point.  I don't recall
at the moment but i believe FunctionQuery's Scorer supports skipTo in such
a way that it won't bother computing the function for a document that has
been skiped (ie: when containing in a BooleanQuery with another clause
that has already prohibited it, or when executed in the context of a


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