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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: search problem
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 19:13:46 GMT

: price and about 10 more additional fields. I want to not just find
: something in the index also I want to get the lists of all brands and
: price. The list of brands is needed for displaying all of the products
: and the quantity of products of this brand for certain search request.

1) iterating over all the docs in an instance of Hits can be very
expensive for large results sets.  partly becuase under the covers Hits
will reexecute your search many times, and partly because you are
constantly puling back *all* of hte stored fields of all matching

2) assuming what you want is not all brands and all prices, but just the
prices and brands of the documents in you results, then i would strongly
recommend doing your search twice -- once do get the Hits object you need
and once using a HitCollector.  Within the HitCollector, use FieldCaches
to lookup the values of the fields you want.  this requires that those
fields are indexed and not tokenized, but it should be *much* faster then
your current approach.


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