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From "Eric Isakson" <>
Subject RE: Sorting by Score
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 21:39:39 GMT
from your previous post about memory..."Every time you sort on a field, a FieldCache array
is constructed for that field."

would that happen in this case for the field this comparator is not using?

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From: [] On Behalf
Of Chris Hostetter
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 4:06 PM
Subject: RE: Sorting by Score

: I've not used the sorting code yet, but it looks like you have to
: provide some custom ScoreDocComparator by adding a SortField using the
: SortField(String field, SortComparatorSource comparator) constructor.
: I'm just not certain what you should specify for the field value since
: you really want to just round off the score.
: Could someone with more experience using the Sort API clarify whether
: this is possible?

yes, it should be possible, and yes your description of a solution sounds right ... the only
odd thing is you'd be writting a SortComparatorSource/ScoreDocComparator that would be ignoring
the field it's given, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Round your number to the desired precision, then compare them, and return 0 if they are equal
so that the secondary sort (on date in this case) can take affect.


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