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From "Trieschnigg, R.B. \(Dolf\)" <>
Subject RE: webserverless search with lucene on offline HTML doc
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:11:01 GMT
Hi Paulo,

The main problem is that Lucene needs to store its index on a disk which under normal circumstances
an applet may not read. The applet operates in a sandbox, which only allows "safe" operations.
Reading and writing to disk is not allowed. An applet can only get resources from the host
it came from.
As Lucene does not allow an IndexReader to be created for a URL, I guess it's not possible
in a normal applet environment. Or you should dive into the IndexReader code an write your
own IndexReader for remote indices.

What you can also do is sign your applet; if a user accepts your applet as safe you can run
it as any other Java application (download the index from a webserver to a temporary location
and query it for example). 
But I am usually quite sceptic with accepting signed applets from unkown distributors; as
it is like leaving your door open for complete strangers ("of course you may delete all my
files on disk").

Are you going to put your applet on a website, or do you want to distribute it on e.g. a cd?
If I would buy some software from you on a cd, I would more likely accept a signed applet
than if I would visit some obscure homepage.


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> From: paolo berto [] 
> Sent: maandag 20 februari 2006 11:44
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> Subject: webserverless search with lucene on offline HTML doc
> Hello,
> I would like to figure out if it is possible to write a java 
> applet able to search with lucene through an HTML 
> documentation WITHOUT having a webserver installed on the 
> system and on multiple platforms.
> So I have a set of static offline HTML files forming a 
> software documentation, would like to index it and search 
> through it from a browser without having to install a web 
> server and on various platforms (osx/win32/linux) Is that 
> possible at all?
> Thanks and sorry for the basic question,
> paolo
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