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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Restricting the number of docs per search field
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:38:48 GMT
Do you want the first 2 docs, regardless of score, with the same 
property or do you want the 2 highest scoring docs with the same property?

You might look at the HitCollector search method on IndexSearcher.  Btw, 
the Filter that is required can be null.  The HitCollector interface 
allows you to apply business rules to a document as it is being scored 
and store them how you see fit.

I am not sure you will see much performance gain, as Lucene is pretty 
fast. Have you done profiling, etc. to determine that Lucene is actually 
the bottleneck?


emerson cargnin wrote:
> does anyone knows a solution for that?
> I know theres a method that returns a TopDoc, but it needs a filter, and in
> my case, Ill need the first 2 of each doc with the same value in a given
> property.
> On 27/02/06, emerson cargnin <> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Due a performance problem, I'm looking a way of restricting the docs
>> returned based of the number of docs which a field has the same value. At
>> the moment we just discard the docs if more than a X number for the same
>> field, but I think it can be done by lucence, hence improving a lot the
>> performance, as now it can return a hundred of docs for the the field value,
>> when just the first 4-5 will be really used.
>> thanks
>> Emerson

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