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From David Pratt <>
Subject Re: Searching/sorting strategy for many properties for semantic web app
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 01:47:19 GMT
Thanks Erik. I am continuing to experiment and making good progress. I 
have got my basic functionality established and am now looking at 
sorting and ranking. I guess the good thing is I can adjust and modify 
things as I learn more.  I am reading some archived material from the 
list as well to get a general sense of issues that have come forward. I 
managed to get a powerpoint from apachecon on advanced techniques. This 
  kind of materialhelps to understand what is possible and to discover 
how dynamic Lucene really is.


Erik Hatcher wrote:
> On Feb 22, 2006, at 9:01 PM, David Pratt wrote:
>> Hi Erik. Many thanks for your reply. I'll likely see if I can find  a 
>> list to pose a couple of questions there way. I am having fun  with 
>> Lucene since it is new to me and I am impressed with the speed  I am 
>> getting. I am reading anything I can get hold of and trying  different 
>> code experiments. So far, the code is fairly straight  forward so not 
>> so concerned about this at the moment.
>> I am really hoping to hear from experienced people like yourself  more 
>> on strategically what to index, what sort of things it would  be a 
>> good idea to store and what to do about a fairly large schema  that 
>> has much metadata to offer. Also perhaps when sorting and  filtering 
>> gets too expensive. I realize that just because the  metadata is 
>> available doesn't necessarily mean you want to even put  it all in an 
>> index. I think these issues are pretty general,  however I know there 
>> are folks on this that would likely advise  some particular path or 
>> direction because of their own experiences  with Lucene. I would 
>> really like to hear from anyone that has been  working with metadata 
>> particularly or anyone generally about these  topics.
> In my University job, I'm dealing with a fair bit of metadata in the  
> form of RDF about 19th century literature objects.  I'm indexing  basic 
> Dublin Core data such as title and author as individual fields,  and 
> also dropping all indexed metadata into a single searchable  field.  
> I've been using Kowari as the metadata store, but it also has  Lucene 
> integration (that I've not tried myself yet).
> I'm not sure what else to add as your query is a bit general.  I  think 
> you'll find if you post more specific questions you're more  likely to 
> get detailed responses.  General queries tend to be too  general to 
> respond to, I find.
> There really are no "best practices" with Lucene in terms of what to  
> index, what to store - these are all highly application dependent and  
> is often something I tune as the application itself evolves.
>     Erik
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