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From Mufaddal Khumri <>
Subject Re: get results by relevance, limiting results and then sort the results by some criterion
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:01:53 GMT
In my case when we search for lets say cameras , my top x results are
all sorts of cameras and then i get documents that match camera casings etc.

As a company we want to show as many cameras as possible and not other 
related products for this one web view on a specific page we have. On 
this same page
we also want to provide a way that the user can select "price high to 
low" or price low to high" and sort these top x results. Essentially the 
hard part is to come up with the X so that you ideally dont prune any 
As a business we want to strive to get as many cameras in the search 
results, but at the same time we dont mind if a few cameras do not 
appear in those results if we can really fine tune our search results to 
only show cameras and not camera casings and camera batteries etc.

I have been looking at QueryFilter and the Sort API, but havent yet 
figured out a way to do what I am trying to do .. any pointers are 
greatly appreciated.


John Powers wrote:

>I'm sure you've taken care of this, but I am curious myself:
>If the 301 document only has a single term "batteries" (and thus is so
>far low on the Hits), but has a price of seven cents, then the sort of
>all the documents with "batteries" would put this near the top, but by
>eliminating all documents above 300, this one doesn't appear in the
>solution you are working for, correct?    Why is that a good thing?
>It seems you would want to sort on the full document list, and then
>return on the 300 top that you want the user to see.      
>I think I'm just curious why getting rid of some that could (in a new
>sort) be of higher relevance is a good thing.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mufaddal Khumri [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:33 AM
>Subject: get results by relevance, limiting results and then sort the
>results by some criterion
>When I do a search for example on "batteries" i get 1200+ results. I 
>would like to show the user lets say 300. I can do that by only 
>extracting the first 300 hits (sorted by decreasing relevance by 
>default) and displaying those to the user.
>Now on the search results page, I have a drop down box that lets the 
>user sort the results by price. When the user selects the "Sort by price
>low to high", i would like to be able to sort the same 300 hits I got 
>above (sorted by decreasing relevance by default) by price.
>Essentially I want to be able to sort the first 300 relevant search 
>results by price. (in other words I would like to be able to get search 
>results by relevance, limit the results and sort the results by some 
>What would be a good way to do this in lucene?
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