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From Mufaddal Khumri <>
Subject Re: StandardAnalyzer .. stemming
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 20:08:11 GMT
Thank you. I think in my case i can just do the last approach you suggested.

One more question, what jar is SnowballFilter part of?

Chris Hostetter wrote:

>: The SnowBallAnalyzer seems to offer stemming. The StandardAnalyzer on
>: the other hand has a bunch of other niceness. What is the best practice
>: of leveraging both these analyzers while indexing and searching? Do I
>: chain these up somehow and if so what apis do i look at for doing so? Do
>: i implement my own analyzer and use both these two process the tokens?
>the Analyzer class is already designed to making chaining very easy -- but
>not Analyzer chaining, TokenFilter chaining.
>if you take a look at the source for StandardAnalyzer and SnowBallAnalyzer
>it should (hopefully) be very obvious how to write your own (10 line or
>less) Analyzer that gives youall the goodness you want from both...
>...if you literaly just want to add snowball stemming to
>the end of StandardAnalyzer, then i *think* something like this would
>   Analyzer a = new StandardAnalyzer(stoplist) {
>     public TokenStream tokenStream(String fieldName, Reader reader) {
>       return new SnowballFilter(super.tokenStream(fieldName,reader),
>                                 "yourChoiceOfStemmerName");
>     }
>   }
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