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From sergiu gordea <>
Subject Re: QueryParser behaviour ..
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 10:53:31 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:

>:  I built a wrong query string "word1,word2,word3" instead of "word1
>: word2 word3"
>: therefore I got a wrong query:  field:"word1 word2 word3" instead of
>: field:word1 field:word2  field:word3.
>:  Is this an espected behaviour?
>:  I used Standard analyzer, probably therefore, the comas were replaced
>: with spaces.
>the commas weren't replaced ... your analyzer split on them and threw
>them away.
>they key to understanding why that resulted in a phrase query instead of
>three term queries is that QueryParser doesn't treat comma as a special
>character, so it saw the string word1,word2,word3 and gave it to your
>analyzer.  Since your analyzer gave back several tokens QueryParser built
>a phrase query out of it.
Exactly this is my question, why the QueryParser creates a Phrase query 
when he gets several tokens from analyzer
and not a BooleanQuery?

>likewise, in the case of "word1 word2 word3" the quotes *are* a special
>character to QueryParser which tells it it should *not* split on the
>spaces betwen the quotes, and hand the individual words to the analyzer.
>instead it hands the whole thing to the analyzer as one big string again.
It was not this situation, the string was without quotes.... (String 
searchString =  "word1,word2,word3"; )
I just preserved java quotes to delimit the string.

>:  Is this a bug? Does it make sense to indicate this situation through a
>: Parse Exception?
>a parse error should really onl come up when the query parser sees a
>character that it does consider special, but sees it in a place that
>doesn't make sense (or doesn't see one in a plkace it needs one).  in this
>case QP is perfectly happy to let you query for a word that contains a
>comma -- it's your analyzer that's putting it's foot down and saying that
>can't be in a word.
Ok .. it is not the case of ParseException, should situations like this 
(change from TermQuery to PhraseQuery)
indicated in log files? I mean, this will help developers to debug their 
code easier.



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