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From "Vanlerberghe, Luc" <>
Subject RE: two applications accessing same index
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 07:37:27 GMT
Sure, the only danger is you have to make sure that both processes store
their lock files in the same directory (default they are in your home
directory I believe) unless you use a different locking mechanism.

There are supposed to be problems when accessing indices over network
shares, but I use that setup and haven't run into problems yet (not
counting connection problems...)

I have one machine continually updating the index, and two machines
running the searches and it works fine... (Even when completely
rebuilding the index, the searchers can see the contents 'grow' as
segments are written to disk)


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From: Pradeep Sharma [] 
Sent: zondag 5 februari 2006 20:49
Subject: two applications accessing same index

I have two applications, one which will be generating all the indexes
and the second one which will be reading those indexes. I cannot keep
them in the same application, because one will run all the times in
batches via some sort of scheduler to generate the indexes and the
application which will read the indexes is a web service, so it will run
within the web server's context.

Can I do this or is it not advisable to have two separate applications
access the same index?
Is there some other best practise to accomplish this?



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