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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: index databases
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 08:41:54 GMT
: are there any APIs which will index mysql databases and run periodically ?

I'll defer that question to someone else who knows more about it.

: i have one more query: if i choose to search on multiple fields do i loose
: the advantage of fuzzy search and stuff like that

Absolutely not.  Searching on multiple fields can be done with a
BooleanQuery, which allows you to compose multiple queries, each
"Sub-Clause" being either optional, required, or mandatory.  When building
up a BooleanQuery, the clauses can be term queres, or wild card queries or
any other type of query you want.

expressed in a "standard QueryParser syntax" you can easily do the

    +title:Java author:Erik~ -category:Coffee

...which means find all documents where the title contains the word "Java"
and category does not contain the word "Coffee".  Documents with a word in
the author that has a fuzzy match on "Erik" will get higher scores.

More info on the QueryParser syntax can be found here...


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