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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Confused about boolean query and how an IndexReader is associated with Hits
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 22:23:16 GMT

: Unfortunately, my current test is a lot more convoluted than that (because
: things are in layers).  I will try and break it down like you have done into
: a flat form and see were I get to, but its going to take a little time to do.
: I think one of the things I am doing is inserting and deleting the "config"
: document a few times in the process and thats going to take a bit of work to
: flatten.  This test was about number 35 in a massive sequence of building
: functionality on top of functionality.

Right, but all the more reason to start with simple test cases and build
up.  You started by saying that a BooleanQuery wasn't working the way you
expected.  When you take away all of the issues that aren't specific to
the BooleanQuery - it's working fine, which implies that the problem lies
somewhere else.

Adding/Deleting the config doc over and over shouldnt' matter in this case
-- the real issue is that your query should matches a certain set of
documents, if there is a document you've added to the index that you
expect to see in that result but isn't there, then use Luke or
something like it to verify:
  1) that the document realy is in the index
  2) exactly what Terms are indexed for that document.


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