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From John Powers <>
Subject Public List Hits.subList(int, int)
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 18:28:58 GMT

What does everyone think about adding a subList(int, int) method to the Hits
class?   In all the lucene implementations I usually end up needing a small
section for pagination of the results.   So I go from X to Y and put them in
a List and return the List of Documents.   Since I seem to always be doing
this in the search methods of my session objects, I thought it may be a
better place to let the Hits class itself take care of that, much like List
does.   I guess we could return a Document[] instead.   I don't know which
would be better: a List or a Document[].   I guess a Document[] makes sense;
I had just always been using a List.   Any thoughts?

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