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From Keegan Callin>
Subject Large Numeric RangeQueries
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 06:38:18 GMT
Hello and Good Day,

In my application of Lucene, I am must search through some fields that 
contain numbers with very large ranges on the order of 150000 or so.  
Suppose I wanted to retrieve all documents matching numbers 
10000-150000.  On first inspection I tried a RangeQuery but, of course, 
I quickly discovered that RangeQueries expand to boolean queries that 
enumerate every element in their range.  In my case, it does not seem 
realistic to enumerate all the possible values of the query range as 
RangeQuery tries to do.

It has widely been suggested on the web and in in Gospodnetic & 
Hatcher's venerable "Lucene In Action" that queries for date ranges be 
reduced to simpler terms by more-or-less rounding the dates to the 
minute, hour, or day.  Unfortunately, in my case the /whole/ number is 
significant and I cannot round the numbers.  Has anyone some suggestions 
as to how I might proceed?

Keegan Callin

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