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From "Vanlerberghe, Luc" <>
Subject RE: Lucene performance bottlenecks
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:22:19 GMT
Since 'byte' is signed in Java, can't the first test be simply written
if (b>0) return b;
Doing an 'and' of two bytes and checking if the result is 0 probably
requires masking operations on >8 bit processors...

Also perhaps change to
int b=readByte()) so that all operators use int's...


-----Original Message-----
From: Yonik Seeley [] 
Sent: woensdag 7 december 2005 16:11
Subject: Re: Lucene performance bottlenecks

I checked out readVInt() to see if I could optimize it any...
For a random distribution of integers <200 I was able to speed it up a
little bit, but nothing to write home about:

                     old       new    percent
Java14-client : 13547  12468   8%
Java14-server:  6047     5266  14%
Java15-client:  11688  11234    4%
Java15-server:   5813    4875  19%
Java16-client:   11125  10719   4%
Java16-server:  6031     4859   24%

Then I tested it with integers <128, and it was slower (up to 25%) for
Java15-server, Java16-server, Java16-client.  Since <128 could be an
important case, I stopped there.

On a P4 2.8GHz, I was getting around 180M readVInt() calls per second
for single byte VInts (including loop and method call overhead).

Here is the fastest version I could come up with on a P4.  It's faster
with variable length vInts, slower will single bytes.

  public int readVInt() throws IOException {
    byte b = readByte();
    if ((b&0x80)==0) return b;
    b &= 0x7f;
    byte b2 = readByte();
    if ((b&0x80)==0) return (b2<<7) | b;
    b2 &= 0x7f;
    byte b3 = readByte();
    if ((b&0x80)==0) return (b3<<14) | (b2<<7) | b;
    b3 &= 0x7f;
    byte b4 = readByte();
    if ((b&0x80)==0) return (b4<<21) | (b3<<14) | (b2<<7) | b;
    b4 &= 0x7f;
    byte b5 = readByte();
    return (b5<<28) | (b4<<21) | (b3<<14) | (b2<<7) | b;


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