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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject Re: High CPU utilization with sort
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:40:54 GMT
I haven't done measurements, but the first query with a sort on a
particular field will involve filling the field-cache and that can
take a while (especially for numeric fields).

If you haven't already, you should compare the query times of a
"warmed" searcher.  Sorted queries will still take longer, but I
haven't measured how much longer.

Now hiring --

On 11/20/05, Jeff Rodenburg <> wrote:
> I've read many comments from users on the list indicating that sorting
> may/will be performance-heavy. Is high CPU utilization with a sorted search
> one of the expected performance hits?
> In tests for our implementation (25 concurrent connections generating
> search/sort requests), we've seen performance in terms of requests/second
> drop by a factor of 10, compared to similar tests executing only search
> requests (no sorts). CPU appears to be our bottleneck, and I'm trying to
> determine if this is expected behavior or if we're outside the bounds of
> typical performance.
> Thanks,
> jeff

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