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From "Jay Booth" <>
Subject RE: Throughput doesn't increase when using more concurrent threads
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:35:06 GMT
I had a similar problem with threading, the problem turned out to be that in
the back end of the FSDirectory class I believe it was, there was a
synchronized block on the actual RandomAccessFile resource when reading a
block of data from it... high-concurrency situations caused threads to stack
up in front of this synchronized block and our CPU time wound up being spent
thrashing between blocked threads instead of doing anything useful.

Making multiple IndexSearchers and FSDirectories didn't help because in the
back end, lucene consults a singleton HashMap of some kind (don't remember
implementation) that maintained a single FSDirectory for any given index
being accessed from the JVM... multiple calls to FSDirectory.getDirectory
actually return the same FSDirectory object with synchronization at the same

Our solution was to subclass FSDirectory to skip this lookup step, and then
create several distinct FSDirectories reading the same index.  This was in a
read only context so it worked out for us, although memory consumption was
higher... we put a pooling class in front of the whole thing and added a
refresh method to re-instantiate the IndexSearchers and associated
FSDirectories when the index was modified... we also needed some
catch(FileNotFoundException) blocks to hack around the case where the index
was being modified while an IndexSearcher was trying to search.

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From: Yonik Seeley []
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: Throughput doesn't increase when using more concurrent

On 11/21/05, Oren Shir <> wrote:
> It is rather sad if 10 threads reach the CPU limit. I'll check it and get
> back to you.

It's about performance and throughput though, not about number of
threads it takes to reach saturation.

In a 2 CPU box, I would say that the ideal situation is where it only
takes two threads to reach 100% CPU utilization.  Normally it takes
more because of some kind of IO (disk or network).

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