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From John Powers <>
Subject Re: Items in multiple category: distinct search?
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:42:54 GMT
I got the category thing to work.  I'm using a string "category" that looks


Then I can search by id, name and when I get a result list I can put them in
sequence (the soft bracket number)

However, my problem now is distinct...   I want to put items in multiple
categories..   That works fine.  But if I query lucene, then I get back not
the one thing I want, but the 5 duplicates because as far as lucene is
concerned I guess those are 5 line items in the index.   I could put a flag
in there that says one of them is the primary instance and so then I only
search with that as a query..  But I don't want to do that.   I would like
to just filter out by itemID or something like that any dups...

I could just dump all the items into a List or something that only accepts
new unused items..  But I'd rather use a lucene solution...

On 11/15/05 2:38 PM, "Jeff Rodenburg" <> wrote:

> Hi John -
> It sounds like you're thinking of your index in terms of sql constructs --
> multiple rows for the same record. We do this very same thing with
> categories; if you have a record that lives in multiple categories, just add
> additional category field/value pairs for your original record. It's ok to
> use multiple fields with the same name. Once stored, if you want to see
> records in category "A", just query lucene for category "A". Thinking of it
> in terms of SQL constructs makes it more difficult than it needs to be.
> Hope this helps.
> On 11/15/05, John Powers <> wrote:
>> Hello, I have done a search for this issue, but I didnt really see an
>> answer.
>> if i want to store things in a hierarchy, but i want items to be in
>> multiple
>> categories at any level. i'd like to be able to search for an item and
>> only show it once, but maybe (not required) show what categories the
>> results
>> are in. but if i look in a category (search on that category) then i want
>> to see that item there obviously only the once that it is there.
>> so i've got the hierarchy part..but its getting items to be in multiple
>> categories. i can put them there as duplicate entries of that itemNumber,
>> however when i search i dont want to get back the 7 times that one item is
>> used.. i dont mind if its in 7 categories and they each show one usage,
>> but
>> i'd like for my total hit count to reflect just that this item exists
>> once... i could iterate through the whole Hits list and put them into a
>> unique result list, but i'd like lucene to do that for me. any way to do
>> that? custom filter? i've looked at the query language..i didnt see a
>> "distinct" clause...
>> any help is greatly appreciated.
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