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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Searching Textile Documents
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:59:13 GMT

On 23 Nov 2005, at 18:37, Alan Chandler wrote:
> My home page wants to have a summary of perhaps the most recent  
> five blogs
> entries.

Personifying your home page... cute :)

> It looks as though I can use the Datefield class to store the  
> publication date
> in an orderable form - so that I can effectively do a ordered  
> search using
> this field as the sort field.
> Is there anyway to limit the number of hits returned in the search  
> to 5 (or
> does it not generate any storage overhead to return them all and  
> just use the
> first 5)

I recommend against using DateField, because it's granularity is down  
to the millisecond and has some nuances to it, but there are a few  
options to doing what you want.  Use a date field as YYYYMMDD format  
instead (unless you need a time also).

1) Documents in Lucene are in order of insertion, so if you're  
inserting them in chronological order, you could simply direct access  
the last five documents without a search.  2) There is no (well,  
minimal) storage overhead in doing a full search and only getting the  
most recent 5 documents, provided you sort the search by the date  
field.  3) There are expert-level search() methods that do allow  
limiting to N number of results, but that isn't really necessary (see  
javadocs for details - they literally are marked as "expert").


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