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From "Matt Magoffin" <>
Subject References to deleted file handles in long-running server application
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:06:41 GMT
Hello, I use Lucene in a long-running server application on a Linux
server, and the other day I got the "Too many open files" exception. I've
increased the number of allowed file handles, but was checking out the
open file handles using "lsof", and see about 300 files listed like the

java       1458  jboss  436r   REG        8,2      3945   6258825
/var/lucene-index/_1o6hl.cfs (deleted)
java       1458  jboss  437r   REG        8,2      3467   6258829
/var/lucene-index/_1o6hp.cfs (deleted)
java       1458  jboss  438r   REG        8,2      2743   6258826
/var/lucene-index/_1o6ht.cfs (deleted)
java       1458  jboss  439r   REG        8,2      4069   6258817
/var/lucene-index/_1o6hx.cfs (deleted)
java       1458  jboss  440r   REG        8,2      4098   6258830
/var/lucene-index/_1o6i1.cfs (deleted)
java       1458  jboss  441r   REG        8,2      1817   6258821
/var/lucene-index/_1o6i3.cfs (deleted)

I haven't been monitoring this long enough to tell if the number simply
continues to grow over time or levels off at some point.

I was wondering if this behavior to be expected? When will the application
release these deleted file handles (if ever)? Perhaps during garbage
collection? Or might I be handling the index incorrectly in some way?

Any thoughts appreciated.
-- m@

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