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From "J. David Boyd" <>
Subject Re: Lucene and remote index and java applet, with no java app server
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:10:14 GMT
Jon Schuster wrote:
> Sorry about that, "download" was a poor word choice.
> By download, I meant that after the applet opens an input stream to the
> URL, it will need to read from the stream to get all the index data from
> the web server to the user's machine so the applet can perform the
> search. Whether the index files are downloaded and written to disk or
> whether they're downloaded and cached in memory, it's still a bandwidth
> consideration. As you mentioned earlier, the index files could live on
> the server as zipped files, and the applet could unzip them on the fly.
> Signing the applet would make things somewhat easier. But then you have
> the potential problem of users who have been trained by their IT
> departments (or have learned the hard way) to not accept any content
> that requires specific permissions to run.

So here comes the next part of my applet ignorance.

Can I embed the Lucene, etc, jar files in my applet so that when the
user starts up the applet, they can be used on the local machine.

This alone probably stops me from using an applet, I guess.

Anyone have any idea where the definitive rules of what an applet can or
can not do are located on the 'net?


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