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From "J. David Boyd" <>
Subject Re: Lucene and remote index and java applet, with no java app server
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 20:20:26 GMT
Jon Schuster wrote:
> The suggestion that others have made to make the search web based is
> generally the preferred route.
> But it is fairly straightforward to make an unsigned applet use a remote
> Lucene index. You wouldn't need to write the index and PDF files to the
> local disk; you only need to be able to open an input stream to the
> server location where the index files are stored, which you can do using
> URL.openStream. If the applet is unsigned, security restrictions would
> require that the index files be under the applet's codebase, but it's
> easy to determine the codebase URL. After the desired document is found
> by the search, you can then use AppletContext.showDocument to open an
> URL to the appropriate PDF file.
> There are some gotchas if you use an applet, however. For one, the index
> needs to be downloaded in order to search, and an index that's 1-2 MB
> might take too long for a user to wait. Further, to avoid applet
> security restrictions on reading and writing local files, you probably
> need to use either a non-locking index or a RAM directory. Also, in
> Lucene 1.4, there are a few classes that attempt to read system
> properties, and these also run into applet security restrictions unless
> the classes are modified (this last issue has been addressed in the next
> release).

I'm confused between paragraphs 2 and 3.

In 2, you say that I don't need the index on the local machine, just an
openStream to it.

In 3, you say that I need to download the index in order to search.

I have no problem signing the applet, if it will make this project
feasible.  And downloading the index isn't that horrible either, as I
can make it only happen once a day, not everytime they connect.

Thanks for the information.

Dave in Largo, FL

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