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From markharw00d <>
Subject Re: How Fast is MemoryIndex? How Much Resource Does It Use?
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 15:40:19 GMT
>>If so, why not use it for the normal operation as well?  

Because MemoryIndex only allows you to store/query one document.
It is fast, but I would not suggest running 10000 queries against it.

Why not try store the queries as documents in a special index and query 
them using the subject document.
The results will be a rough short-list of the queries you now need to 
run (ie less than 10,000!).  Put the subject document eg "i sell red 
nike shoes" into a memory index then run the selected queries against it.

These queries may have mandatory clauses  ( eg +/- operators) which may 
cause them to fail when run as queries against the MemoryIndexed subject 
doc which is why the first "query the queries" search is insufficient to 
find the matches.


Sam Lee wrote:

>  Someone suggested that I should use MemoryIndex to
>match content to a large # of queries. e.g. "nike red
>shoes" --match--> "nike shoes -blue"  and --match-->
>"nike shoes -black"...  What if I have 100000 of these
>queries for each content?  and there maybe 1000000 of
>these contents.
>But how fast is MemoryIndex?  Is it cpu and memory
>intensive?  I read somewhere and it said that it is
>about  three order faster than normal operation.  If
>so, why not use it for the normal operation as well?  
>Many thanks.
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