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From Roxana Angheluta <>
Subject Re: java on 64 bits
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 07:29:00 GMT
Thank you, Yonik, it seems this is the case.
What can we do in this case? Would running the program with java -d32 be 
a solution?

Thanks again,
>One possibility: if lucene runs out of memory while adding or optimizing, it
>can leave unused files beind that increase the size of the index. A 64 bit
>JVM will require more memory than a 32 bit one due to the size of all
>references being doubled.
>If you are using the compound file format (the default - check for .cfs
>files), then it's easy to check if you have this problem by seeing if there
>are any *.f* files in the index directory. These are intermediate files and
>shouldn't exist for long in a compound-file index.
>Now hiring --
>On 10/20/05, Roxana Angheluta <> wrote:
>>Hi everybody!
>>We have a large Lucene index which gets updated very often.
>>Until recently the java virtual machine used to manage the index was on
>>32 bits, although the program was running on a 64bits station. Last week
>>we changed the java to 64 bits and since then we experience strange
>>problems, the index grows very large. I'm not sure the 2 are related,
>>that's why I ask here: is it possible that the index got corrupted
>>after we updated the jvm? Is there any relation between the size of the
>>index and the jvm used?
>>I hope the questions make sense, thanks,
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