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From Sean O'Connor <>
Subject SpanQuery parser?
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:40:25 GMT
    I have user entered search commands which I want to convert to 
SpanQueries. I have seen in the book "Lucene in Action" that no parser 
existed at time of publication, but there was someone working on a 
SpanQuery parser. Can anyone point me to that code, or provide any 

    I want to use SpanQueries for their detail on the number of hits 
from a query, and more importantly, the location (position start and 
end) of each hit. My application requires me to do precise hit 
highlighting.  I also need to perform calculations on the number of hits 
per document, as well as per query (sum of document hits).

    It is fairly critical I highlight the hits, and only the hits. From 
what I've read SpanQueries (with dumpSpans) is a better approach than 
using 'regular' queries. I _think_ regular queries currently use a 
highlighter which shows all terms highlighted. This can give more 
highlighting than actual hits (i.e false positives).

    So, that being said, should I stick with SpanQueries? Is there any 
current work on a parser to convert a string, or regular (Token, 
Boolean, Phrase, Prefix,...) query into a SpanQuery?

    I have written some very duct tape-ish code which will convert basic 
booleanOR and prefix queries into SpanQueries. I just realized I'm in 
deeper water than I expected when I tried converting my first query 
string containing several boolean queries, AND a phrase query. So now I 
am looking to either help an existing effort, or just continue with my 
own hacking.

ps: some of this message is repeated from previous postings just as 
background for my goal.

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