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From Dan Armbrust <>
Subject Re: Lucene and remote index and java applet, with no java app server
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:29:21 GMT
> I see your words, but I hate to admit that I don't understand them in
> totality!
> When you say that the search is executed on the web server, that means
> that we would need to code it it Perl or some such, no?
> I don't see (except for a Perl or PHP script) how the search could
> execute on the website itself.  Or is this what you are, indeed, suggesting?
> I've been thinking of 'Java, Java, Java' only, but this does seem like a
> valid idea.
> So, I can build the index with Java locally, and then 'cgi' it on the
> server side.
> Am I getting this right?  :->
> Thanks,
> Dave

One way of doing this would be to set up Apache Tomcat on your web 
server.  Build yourself a jsp webpage which interfaces with Lucene to do 
the search and display the results.  Lucene can be run natively inside 
of Tomcat.

Another (more hackish/quick and dirty/probably full of peril) way of 
doing this if you don't want to have to learn tomcat/jsp and/or support 
Tomcat (or any other web server / application server that is capable of 
serving java/jsp applications) would be to write the necessary code to 
make perl talk to java - We have done this before (for a different 
purpose) by just having them send messages back and forth over a socket. 
  You web app written in perl could send a message to a running java vm 
on the web server (on a socket that the java vm is listening to) with 
the desired search.  The java wrapper picks up the message, performs the 
lucene search on the index, and then returns the results back over the 
socket to the perl code.


Daniel Armbrust
Biomedical Informatics
Mayo Clinic Rochester

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