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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: input reader closed after IndexWriter.addDocument(doc)
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:50:52 GMT

: : I wasn't expect addDocument to close it.
: :  I am wondering if there is a reason that rdr should be
: : closed after addDocument, and if there is a way to leave it open ?

: What stops you from using the reader before you add the document to the
: index?

That doesn't really help people who want to use the same reader for two
different fields (ie: with different analyzers)

I've never accutally used a Field based on a Reader, so it's never occured
to me to wonder who is responsible for closeing the reader -- I agree,
it's strange, and not what i would have expected either.

Looking at the code, it seems really hairy.  I can't see any actual
garuntee that any Reader (including the StringReaders opened under the
cover when you make a Field using a string) will/won't be closed -- if you
use an Analyzer that comes with Lucene, they all seem to use the Tokenizer
class (in one way or another) and *it* is what closes the Reader when it
gets .close()ed -- but there is no reason to believe that any existing of
future third party analyzer will use that class, the API just requires
that they provide a TokenStream (the superclass).  TokenStream's .close()
is abstract, so people are free to write Analyzers that don't close the
Reader's they get.

I can't think of any clean way to change this without causing lots of
backwards compatibility problems for lots of people.

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: From: Beady Geraghty []
: Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 2:30 AM
: To:
: Subject: input reader closed after IndexWriter.addDocument(doc)
:  am new to Lucene. I don't seem to be able to find the answer to my
: question
: from the archive. I hope to get some help with my problem.
:  I have :
:  Document doc = new Document();
:  doc.add( Field.Text( "contents", rdr );
:  myIndexWriter.addDocument( doc );
:  After this point, it appears that rdr is closed.
:  What happens is that I want to subsequently
: use the rdr again by positioning back to the beginning
: of the file, and since I opened the rdr (input stream),
:  Thank you.
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