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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: SAME-opattor (possible newbie question)
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 22:05:30 GMT

: > : For example, given this data:
: > :
: > : author: a b c
: > : author: d e f

: > : a search for "a SAME c" would match the first row, but "a SAME d"
: > would
: > : match nothing, which is what I want.

: No, both fields are in the same document. Which is also why proximity
: does not work.

: Or is there some way of telling a proximity query to not cross field
: boundaries?

you have to be careful about your terms.  In lucene, there isn't really
any notion of a "field boundary" unless you are talking about two fields
with different names.  If you create a document and add two
(indexed and tokenized) Field objects with the same field name, they are
treated the same as if they had been concatenated together (see the
javadocs for Document.add)

The good news is: as long as you've got some practical limits on the size
of your field values, you should be able to use a custom
Analyzer/TokenFilter to get the bahavior you want -- by creating a "magic
token" to seperate your individual values, and using a TokenFilter that
throws away these magic tokens when it seems them, but artificially bumps
up the positionIncriment for the next token it gets by some really large
ammount -- so that Phrase/SpanNear queries with with a slop less then that
amount will never cross your "boundary"

for example: if your source data has the following values for author...

   1) Napolean
   2) Terrence "The Man With Two Dynamite Brains" Winchester
   3) Hoss Man

... add that field as a single string value...

   Napolean ~AUTHOR~ Terrence "The Man With Two
   Dynamite Brains" Winchester ~AUTHOR~ Hoss Man

...and use an analyzer/tokenfilter that creates the following
token/position pairs...

   Napolean(0) Terrene(1000) The(1001) Man(1002) With(1003) Two(1004)
   Dynamite(1005) Brains(1006), Winchester(1007), Hoss(2007), Man(2008)

now as long as you use a slop less then 1000, searches for
author:"Hoss Man" and author:"Terrence Winchester" will return this
document, but a search for author:"Napolean Dynamite" will fail.

LIA has good info on writting your own analyzer/tokenfilter.


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