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Subject Lucene 1.9 and Java 1.4
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 08:19:41 GMT

Dear all,

I have been trying to follow some of the developments for the new version
of Lucene (1.9?). My understanding is that this will require Java 1.4. Is
this correct? Is this because of changes to "core" functionality within
Lucene or is it because some new additional classes require Java 1.4? If
it's the latter then would it be possible to produce a custom build of
Lucene that omits the classes that require Java 1.4?

As you can probably guess from this that I have to support an older version
of Java for certain platforms (Java 1.3.6). I don't know if I am unusual in
this respect or if it is a common requirement.

One of the new classes that I am using is the ConstantScoreQuery. I am not
sure if this is going to be included in Lucene 1.9 or not but this does
make use of Java 1.4. I have modified this to produce a version that works
with pre 1.4 Java but probably at the expense of performance. I could
submit this but if Lucene is going (has gone?) the 1.4 route there would be
little point.


Paul I.

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