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From <>
Subject Sorting results by both score and date
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:43:29 GMT

I'm working in an industry which is fairly time sensitive, and older
documents are inherently less valuable. I'd like to be able to "weight"
the score of search results, so that older documents score lower. I
don't just want to sort by date, though - I'd still like results to be
ordered by score, just an "adjusted" score. 

I've read the excellent LIA, including the chapter on custom sort
methods, but from what I can tell that still only implements a sort on
one field - I really want to be able to sort on a "blend" of fields (one
of this is the actual document score). 

Could anyone suggest how I could implement this? I considered explicitly
weighting the documents with a function of their date at index time, but
this would mean the "weight" of the new documents would have to increase
exponentially over time, and I suspect things would get messy! (Our
dataset is around 250k documents, growing by a few thousand a month.)



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