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From Murat Yakici <>
Subject Mirroring a remote index using only metadata
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:54:32 GMT

Let's assume that there is one remote index and one local index. I would 
like to create a mirror of the remote locally. I'm using a kind of 
protocol in between (which is not important) to only transfer each 
document ID, the unique terms in the document and the frequencies. Right 
now I'm not interested in the term position information.

What is the best way to create/update the local index given only the 
above metadata?

The very simplest idea is (and a bit silly though)  to use 
Document-Field classes on the surface which is given by the Lucene API

For each document and
	For each term unique term in the document
		Add the term to the field by the number of time 				indicated by the 

Is there another way to achieve this without creating a big mess in the 
Lucene design?(such as using a low level class)


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