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From Sean O'Connor <>
Subject Re: Hits document offset information? Span query or Surround? - thanks
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 05:34:18 GMT
Thanks for the input. I am looking at the suggested links now. If I make 
any progress I will return to see if any of my work would be appropriate 
to contribute back.


Paul Elschot wrote:

>On Tuesday 06 September 2005 08:52, markharw00d wrote:
>> >>I believe I have heard that Span queries provide some way to access 
>>document offset information for their hits somehow.
>>Faithfully selecting extracts based *exactly* on query criteria will be 
>>hard given complex queries eg with nested Boolean logic.
>>The current highlighter matches based on ANY query terms found in the 
>>provided doc text
>>The proposal above matches based on any spans/phrases/terms
>>Both options still fail to take into account any boolean logic and show 
>>the real basis for the match eg the query
>>    (author:"Doug Cutting"AND title:"Lucene in Action") OR (author:Erik 
>>AND author:Otis)
>>would still highlight references to "Doug Cutting" and "Lucene In 
>>Action" for the LIA book, despite the fact that the match was actually 
>>for Erik and Otis (the true authors).
>>For most people this is a problem they can live with.
>The person who solves that might also write a SpanAndQuery :)
>Paul Elschot
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