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From Dan Armbrust <>
Subject Re: IO bandwidth throttling
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:12:47 GMT
Ben Gollmer wrote:

 >Chris Lamprecht wrote:
 >>I've wanted something similar, for the same purpose -- to keep lucene
 >>from consuming disk I/O resources when another process is running on
 >>the same machine.
 >Sorry for jumping in (I'm a Lucene newb) but isn't this better handled
 >by the OS? On a Unix box I would just renice the process or set some
 >ulimits. Adding code to each application that might possibly need
 >bandwidth or memory restrictions seems redundant, not to mention a 
chore :)
 As far as I know, 'nice' only controls CPU usage, not disk IO usage.  
Since lucene doesn't do a lot of CPU intensive work, renicing a lucene 
process does little to allow other processes to get access to your disks.

 On Windows, things are similar.  A single process, even with the 
priority forced down, can still kill the performance of the entire 
machine if it is doing large amounts of disk io (on the system disk).


Daniel Armbrust
Biomedical Informatics
Mayo Clinic Rochester

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