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From Martin Malmsten <>
Subject Re: SAME-opattor (possible newbie question)
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 11:07:45 GMT
> : For example, given this data:
> :
> : author: a b c
> : author: d e f
> :
> : a search for "a SAME c" would match the first row, but "a SAME d"  
> would
> : match nothing, which is what I want.
> if i understand you correctly, then you are describing a use case  
> in which
> the index has two documents, each containing a single field named  
> "author"
> one of which contains the tokens "a", "b", and "c" the other  
> containing
> "d", "e", and "f"
No, both fields are in the same document. Which is also why proximity  
does not work.

To give you some context: I am experimenting with replacing BRS/ 
Search with Lucene in one of our bliographic databases (aprox. 20M  
bibliographic records, in MARC21). Bibliographic data i notoriously  
tricky since it tends to contain lots of repeating fields and the  
fields themselves often contain lots of information between the data  
you want to match against.

Or is there some way of telling a proximity query to not cross field  

And no, I have no idea what an opattor is either ... ;)


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