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From Chris Lu <>
Subject Re: Store index in database
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 09:06:57 GMT
1. storing index in database will definitely slow down the search,
using JDBCDirectory only.
2. You can try to read the index from database into RAMDirectory

What do you mean by "good-design"? You dislike filesystem? :)
I guess you don't want to have several copies of index when your
system grows. In that case, you can have one server dedicated for
indexing and searching.

This is what DBSight is doing.
Chris Lu
Lucene Search RAD on Any Database

On 8/22/05, Ivan Frade Ortea <> wrote:
> Hello,
>  I'm working in a big j2ee application with some documents (5000 aprox.) in a database.
Now i'm indexing it without any problem using lucene with FSDirectory. But the use of files
in j2ee app is not a "good-design" choice. So i was thinking in store index in database (using
JDBCDirectory, for instance) but i cannot find references to this approach online, seems that
nobody use it.
>  Is there any "so-easy-that-i-cannot-perceive" question to avoid this approach? could
be a performance problem? Have anybody an idea of performance using database instead of filesystem
to store the index?
>  Thank you in advanced.
> Iván Frade.

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