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From Nader Henein <>
Subject Re: Search Results Clustering
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 10:23:06 GMT
well you're not going to like my answer, to that, if what you're looking 
for is a group by result depending on the unique values of a field or a 
combination of fields ( field-3 field-4 ), something that in SQL would 
look like this :

select field-3 , field-4 , count(*) from ... where ..... group by 
field-3 , field-4

Then short of doing X Lucene queries to get total result counts, I'm nor 
really sure how you would get this, depending on how many unique 
combinations you have, you could always denormalize the count(*) in a 
separate table or Lucene Index and run two queries, the first to get the 
counts and the second to get the results which you could group on display.

So the question is, how many unique values do you have, it would help if 
you gave me a real world example because there are work arounds to these 
things, that can be a lot more performant and intelligent than a 
straight DB hit.

Nader Henein

kapilChhabra (sent by wrote:

>Thanks for the prompt reply.
>I have to bunch the results [only the count] on the basis of value of one of the FIELDS.
>lets say FILED-3 and with in it FILED-4.
>It is very much similar to using "group by"
>What can be the options of doing this? And which is the best way to do it?
>Thanks in anticipation,
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Nader S. Henein
Senior Applications Architect

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