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From Stanislav Jordanov <>
Subject QueryParser issue
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 12:39:54 GMT
Recently I found that it makes difference whether your query looks like:
or it is
Some research using Luke showed that in the first case the query is 
rewritten as:
+A -B
while the second is rewritten as
+A +(-B)
after the usual "wtf?" I've recalled that there was a dicussion on this 
issue on the lucene uses list.
I found it and yes, it was explaining that QueryParser is rather 
primitive and does not take the usual
operator precedence into account.
Then I read the explanation of types of queries in the "Lucene in 
Action" and everything seemed clear for a moment,
Why the two above mentioned queries return different results?
Is it because the first one means: "get all docs that contain A and do 
not contain B"
and the second one means "get all docs that contain A and intersect them 
with the docs returned from the query (-B)"
and (-B) as a pure negative query returns 0 results ?

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