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From Shay Banon <>
Subject Re: JDBC proxy implementing Lucene?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 10:56:29 GMT

    That is exactly the path I took with Compass and Hibernate. Compass 
integrates with Hibernate events (update/delete/create) and syncs the 
search engine using it. I had problems with Hibernate 2 interceptors 
(external id is null, and other stuff) so it currently works only with 
Hibernate events. The nice thing about Compass, is that once the 
application works on the Object level for the search as well (OSEM), 
than it becomes very simple to do it. Compass simply registers with 
Hibernate events, and persist to the search engine any changes made to 
objects that have both ORM (obviously) and OSEM definitions.

    One can than extend the notion of intercepting and actually define a 
generic Aspect (AOP) for search engine syncs. Which can be applied to 
any application, as long as it has OSEM - Object to Search Engine 
mappings (or any other type of mappings), since you must have some kind 
of knowledge how to combine the two.


Otis Gospodnetic wrote:

>Hi Chris,
>--- Chris Lu <> wrote:
>>Hi, Just an idea to make Lucene work with databases more easily.
>>When I communicated with Shay Banon(Compass' author), it came to me
>>that maybe Lucene can be wrapped around JDBC drivers. Let's say it's
>>So whenever an object is stored through JDBC, according to some XML
>>configuration file, L-JDBC can index the updated object/document, or
>>delete it from the index.
>>Basically make Lucene indexing transparent to new/existing
>>Not really a super idea. I am wondering anyone will find it helpful?
>Yes, that would be handy, as lots of people have applications that use
>both Lucene and a RDBMS and use various tricks to keep the two in sync.
> If an application uses Hibernate, then one can make use of various
>Hibernate interceptors and use them to trigger operations on an
>external Lucene index.  I know at least one application that does
>something similar (see my .signature).
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