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From "Peter Veentjer - Anchor Men" <>
Subject RE: Library for easy write/read from Documents - initial version.
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 10:08:43 GMT
I have extracted the sources from another project and created a new one. You can download a
preliminary version here:
There is a lot to do. Documentation, reading/writing of non primitives, a few primitives are
not quite finished. But I`m using parts of it in another projects and it works fine. I would
like to head what you think of it. 


From: Peter Veentjer - Anchor Men []
Sent: Fri 12-8-2005 9:35
Subject: Library for easy write/read from Documents.

I`m currently developing a small library for easy reading/writing stuff
to and from the document. All primitives
(long,short,int,bool,byte,float,double,char) and non primitive Numbers
are supported, optionally they are compressed (a long doesn`t need 19
characters but only 2) and they are optionally lexographically and
lexographically compressed.

I also have created a few functions that make it easy to insert text:
keywords, unstored, unindexed etc.

I would like to make this library public on a very short time (I`m
currently writing and testing it) and I`m wondering what is the best way
to add/give it to Lucene.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Peter Veentjer
Anchor Men Interactive Solutions - duidelijk in zakelijke

Praediniussingel 41
9711 AE Groningen

T: 050-3115222
F: 050-5891696
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