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From "Karl Koch" <>
Subject [Lucene 1.2] Boolean OR on all query terms
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 17:50:25 GMT
Hello experts,

I have the following code:

Query query = QueryParser.parse(queryString, searchFields[0], analyser);
Hits hits =;

and the following code for search across multiple fields:

Query query = MultiFieldQueryParser.parse(queryString, searchFields,
hits =;

I have some questions. 

The query string in my application is of in a very simple format. Basically
a number of words are separated by spaces (e.g. "dog cat"). No additional
orperators (e.g. "+", OR, AND, etc. shall be used). But, I wand that all of
these terms are "OR"ed by default to maximise recall (the amount of
results). How can I do that with Lucene 1.2? (I am running the search engine
on a PDA which does not allow me to go beyong version 1.2. In the Lucene
Book I have found parser. I have found the setOperator(int operator) method
which however works only from Lucene 1.3 onwards. Can sombod help me out? 

If somebody knows how to make Lucene 1.3 run with Java 1.2.2, I am also
happy to hear about :-).

Kind Regards,

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