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From Fredrik <>
Subject OutOfMemory error when searching
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:29:57 GMT
We have an index with approximately 1,2 million documents. Web site
users search this index, but we get sporadic out of memory errors,
as Lucene tries to allocate over 500 MB of memory.

Opening the index with Luke, I can see the following:
Number of fields: 17
Number of documents: 1165726
Number of terms: 6721726

The size of the index is approx 5,3 GB.
Lucene version is 1.4.3.

The index contains Norwegian terms, but lots of inline HTML, etc
is probably increasing the index term count (should 'wash' these
unwanted terms away when indexing documents). The analysis below
shows that -> get() is trying to allocate
a huge memory slab.

----------- analysis -----------
<AF[338]: Allocation Failure. need 532676624 bytes, 105670 ms since last AF>
<AF[338]: managing allocation failure, action=2 (64317856/2044721664)>
<GC(750): GC cycle started Thu Jun 9 10:48:00 2005
<GC(750): freed 593221816 bytes, 32% free (657539672/2044721664), in 10944 ms>
<GC(750): mark: 2888 ms, sweep: 239 ms, compact: 7817 ms>
<GC(750): refs: soft 0 (age >= 32), weak 356, final 1083, phantom 0>
<GC(750): moved 16099123 objects, 1183312592 bytes, reason=1, used 13328 more bytes>
<AF[338]: managing allocation failure, action=3 (657539672/2044721664)>
<AF[338]: managing allocation failure, action=4 (657539672/2044721664)>
<AF[338]: managing allocation failure, action=6 (657539672/2044721664)>
JVMDG217: Dump Handler is Processing OutOfMemory - Please Wait.
---------- end of analysis ------------

An analysis of the heap dump shows that the two largest contiguous
memory segmets at the time, was 512,230,096 and 137,232,560 bytes large.

'need 532676624 bytes' means that something is allocating a 500Mb slab
of memory.
'action=2' means that this much memory was not available at all; and it
goes through a normal GC cycle. The GC cycle needs to perform a
compaction to be able to make a 500Mb slab available, which takes around
8 seconds.
'action=3', 4 and 6 indicate that the compaction did not help, and that
even though there is around 650Mb free space in the heap, there is no
block large enough to hold the requestet array.

This, in turn triggers a normal OutOfMemory, which we have configured to
trigger a thread dump. (see below)

--------- thread dump -------------
1XMCURTHDINFO Current Thread Details
NULL ----------------------
3XMTHREADINFO "tcpConnection-6802-91" (TID:10D10D70, sys_thread_t:A3A96D50,
state:R, native ID:4F8097) prio=5
4XESTACKTRACE at$TermWeight.sumOfSquaredWeights(
4XESTACKTRACE at$BooleanWeight.sumOfSquaredWeights(
4XESTACKTRACE at$BooleanWeight.sumOfSquaredWeights(
[lots more non-apache stuff underneath cropped]
--------- end thread dump -------------

The thread dump indicates that it is lucene which is the culprit, trying
to allocate the 500+Mb slab. What is interesting is that the number of
bytes it tries to allocate is exactly the same every time (532676624 bytes)

Can anyone please help me out here? Have anyone experienced similar problems
(and solved them)?

Thank you,
Fredrik Omland

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